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Sometimes two heads are better than one and this means that 2 cans are better too.

Here are 3 examples of different collaboration projects that I have worked on.

Royal Blood

Royal Blood are a rock duo who formed in Worthing in 2011 and have gone on to be international rock and roll stars.

To commemorate the launch of their second album – How Did We Get So Dark? -Myself and the artist – Ten of Swords aka Ollie Redding were approached by BUILD HOLLYWOOD and asked to recreate the album artwork prior to the release of the record in June 2017.

We set to the challenge on a mild spring day and created the large artwork armed with rollers, mulsh, spray cans and reference images for the album artwork.

Director – Steve Turvey came and created a timelapse film of the project. Obviously, we were sworn to secrecy on the project and the artwork, so the first time that I saw the footage was when I came across the article in the NME that stated Royal Blood were seen painting a mural to promote their new album.

The original teaser film did seem to portray Royal Blood as painting the mural, however the film on the Build Hollywood folio site shows us painting the mural. A fantastic project with Ollie Redding and Build Hollywood, Steve Turvey and Royal Blood.

The article in the NME that states that ‘they (ROYAL BLOOD) create a mural ‘

Req and Sinna One – The Prince Albert Icons Mural

In 2012 I was approached by the landlord of thePrince Albert pub in Brighton and asked to paint over the mural of John Peel that Req had originally painted after Peel’s death in 2004. Little did I know that there was a lot more to this project and a history with the original spray paint realism artist, REQ 1.

The Prince Albert Mural – ‘Icons’ is an ambitious mural commemorating 30+ dead rock heroes as selected by the landlord of the Prince Albert pub, BrightonChris Steward. It is in its second incarnation at present but it is the first rendering in 2013 that I was involved with and is the collaboration with Req that gave me confidence in painting portraits and more realistic subject matter.

Req taught me his signature technique which involves holding a photograph or picture up to your face, closing one eye and then moving the picture side to side so as to take out of view for a second. The effect is that your mind starts to project where the image should sit in the space on the wall. This is a technique that I still use to this day.

Although it is an effective technique,the mural wasn’t without it’s difficulties.

“Close scaffolding, wobbly planks and crosswind all conspired against the artists as they attempt to make accurate likenesses of the Prince Albert’s chosen heroes.”

‘I developed a technique for enlarging images for mural work years ago that I’m applying to this project but it’s not easy…! Scaffold bars across a face make it very confusing. We regularly go over the road to the stairwell of some offices to check proportions and that.’ – Req.

The full list of icons are from top left to right – Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Donna Summer, Syd Barrett, Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix,Dusty Springfield, Captain Beefheart, Frank Sidebottom, Sandy Denny, Joe Strummer (Strummerville), Bob Marley, John Peel, Mark Bolan, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Brian Jones, Marvin Gaye, Phil Lynott, George Harrison, Elvis Presley, James Brown and Freddie Mercury. Ian Drury. Oliver Reed and Keith Moon were added just after with Ian Curtis and Lou Reed following soon after.

The existing George Best has had a spruce up and the space to right of the mural is now set to have a few other icons that came to mind during the project. You will also notice a ‘Banksy’ tag over the word Jesus, in the loose quote from John Lennon about the Beatles being ‘bigger than Jesus’. This was added in reference to the much favoured Banksy piece.

‘While we were painting the wall there were so many tourist groups coming around to see the ( Kissing Coppers by ) Banksy and the guides would say “This is a Banksy.”, and ignore the fact that we were up there painting, even though all of the tourists would be pointing their cameras up at us painting. We had always planned to put the Beatles quote, but decided to paint a fake Banksy tag over the top as a tongue in cheek homage.’ – Sinna One.


Req is an exhibiting artist and spray paint muralist whose career started in the mid eighties when he painted on stage for Norman Cook‘s band Beats International after Cook saw his street graffiti paintings around Brighton.

Amongst  Req’s repertoire is a spray paint portraiture style that he developed whilst painting album covers on the back of the now defunct Rounder records shop in Brighton.

He is also known for his spray painted album artwork for Mo’wax recordings and his splinter career as a recording artist in his own right with albums released on Skint and Warp records

Req now exhibits his trademark ‘Spraypaint Realism’ style of painting at the Naked gallery in Brighton and Wishless gallery in Tokyo.

Some of the text and quotes are taken from Prince Albert Icons mural press release. Author unknown.

Images by Pete Challacombe.






Earlier this year I was asked to paint the exterior and interior of the Popstacular Store in Brighton ahead of their launch in the spring.

I obliged and also brought Anders Coolnice to the table to put their signature colour abstract touch alongside some Sinna characters.

Popstacular represent different artists and designers and print designs on to organic clothing with vegan inks. They’ve kindly printed 2 of my designs on to tee shirts and there is a range coming up soon.

Watch this space….

Sinna One – recent works.

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Here is an overview of some of the work I have been doing in the last year. There are also some older sketches in there and some are collaborations. Some are commissioned and some are for fun. Enjoy.

Things I been doing…

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I have this wordpress site, yet I never manage to upload anything. Despite the fact that I am constantly out painting. Ah, yeah. Right . I see the connection now. I need to get me a laptop…. Here are some walls and things that I’ve been painting recently. Enjoy.

Icons- an art exhibition by Req and Sinna One

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Icons poster

Last year Req and myself spent a month painting a large scale mural on the side of the Prince Albert pub. We were asked to paint a series of portraits depicting dead musicians and famous faces as a tribute to the pub landlord’s heroes.

This Friday we revisit this mural and host a show at Art Schism with new portraits on display and prints and postcards of the mural for sale.

The show runs for 2 weeks at Art Schism, but this Friday is the launch and we start at the gallery at 87 Gloucester Rd, Brighton from 5pm. Our good friends at the Darkstar Brewing Company have given us a keg of Hophead to enjoy. We then head to the Prince Albert for a little shindig and to see the short film that Snowstorm media made about the wall.

There will be music and live drawing and maybe even some portraits too.

We shall be at the Albert from just after 8pm and the film is being shown at half 8.

Come and join us. For more info visit the event page on Facebook.

Paint and Beer 2013 – Villa Friekens, Amsterdam.

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Another awesome year at Paint and Beer and all in all it rocked.

With Sid on the amazing brew tip, Dries on the artist liaision with a loose ‘Street Art versus Graff’ theme ( It always seems like that anyway, with the artists segregated that way!), the whole day was brilliant fun and I met some sound peeps.

Painting massive walls and then later vans too, I ended up in the club at 4am and, to my delight, stumbled across these amazing Techno Gnomes having it on stage.

Thus enabling me to stay up and drink more fine beer and dance away the rest of the night. Brilliant!

I always love the Paint and Beer because it always inspires me to try out things that I wouldn’t normally do and I see an array of amazing styles.

Literally painting from the minute that I got there to the moment that I left, the event always does exactly what it says on the tin. Simple!

Thanks to all Friekens crew especially the one and only Dries and Sid ( and fam). Mega love and respect to the UK connection. Snub fam always in full effect.

Until next year.

2013-09-23 18.19.51

The Prince Albert Mural – Icons.

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Photo by Paul Brown. Copyright on this image belongs to Paul Brown.

Photo by Paul Brown. Copyright on this image belongs to Paul Brown.

For the past month myself and REQ have been painting this huge mural on the side of the Prince Albert pub in Brighton.

This project has been a test for me and a great experience as before I painted this mural, I had never painted portraits in my life! Thanks to Req as he shared his immense knowledge and this took me out of my comfort zone.

The wall consists of 25 portraits of dead music icons. John Peel was put here in place of an the old John Peel mural and this is how the project came about.

john peel original mural

The full list of icons are from top left to right – Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain,

Donna Summer, Syd Barrett, Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix,

Dusty Springfield, Captain Beefheart, Frank Sidebottom, Sandy Denny, Joe Strummer (Strummerville), Bob Marley, John Peel, Mark Bolan, Michael Jackson, John Lennon,

Brian Jones, Marvin Gaye, Phil Lynott, George Harrison, Elvis Presley, James Brown and Freddie Mercury.

 The next phase shall see Keith Moon and Oliver Reed and also Ian Drury added to the bottom right hand side .

The project is now drawing to a close , with just a small amount of wall left to do. ( This is now in addition to the original project, so we are in need of more paint and time!)

Photo taken by Paul Brown. Copyright owned by Paul Brown

Photo taken by Paul Brown. Copyright owned by Paul Brown

You can see more images and progress shots of the wall on the mural Facebook page.

If you are interested in having a wall or some space transformed with a mural then there is no job too big and we can paint anything. For more info or just to give feedback you can fill out the form below. Thanks

New Prince Fatty wall for the Blind Tiger featuring Fatty, Horsey and Hollie Cook.Evie Jones and VITO R.I.P. Collab with Req TDK

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So once again, the seasonal task of painting the Blind Tiger wall came around and presented me with a whole new challenge. To paint the entire wall this time.

Local dubwise producer and reggae superstar, Prince Fatty asked me if I could paint something that promoted his monthly rub a dub club at the venue and included himself, Hollie Cook and the mighty Horseman.

As it is a large wall I also asked Req if he could come and paint the wall. He included a brilliant portrait of the beautiful Evie Jones and I also set about making a feature of the windows on the walls this time so that they didn’t stand out from the design too much.

I went for an Easter Island style theme, where the statues on the left are of Fatty and Horsey. I couldn’t bring myself to make Hollie Cook out of stone, so added her in with tiger print costume leaning against a blind tiger statue. This worked out as Hollie’s new album artwork is of a similar vain, but with a voodoo theme.

The fourth statue from the left is a tribute to a beautiful soul, VITO, who sadly left this world last month. Well known and loved by many and especially the Playgroup gang here at the Blind Tiger, I felt it only right to honour him in this mural.

All were very happy with the result and a great turn around on the piece, taking about a day and a half.

Props to Req, TDK, The Blind Tiger Crew, Fatty, Horsey, Hollie Cook and one love to VITO, Rest in peace.

Art Schism presents Superstition – A group show.

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This Friday 3rd May sees the launch of the new group show ‘Superstition’ at the Art Schism gallery on Gloucester rd, Brighton.


I have some new work on display. The preview is from 6.30pm until 9pm.  I shall be live painting at the event. Event page here.


The White Rabbit gallery opposite shall be opening their doors for the first time on the night and also showing off the new juice bar they have opened with alcoholic juices up for grabs.

2013-04-28 18.01.49

You can see a small mural that I have painted for them too.

The Superstition show at Art Schsim runs from 3rd until the 31st May.

New peices up in Art Schism

Art Schism, Collaborations, Commissions, Community, Doodles, Events, Inspiration, Media Box painting, Projects, Shop, Sinbot, Walls

I have been helping to run a co operative gallery shop project since December. The shop has just relaunched for the spring/summer and we shall be holding numerous events and shows in the next few months.


I also have some new work showing there and am offering spray paint tutorials over the Easter holidays.

2013-03-26 10.05.47 2013-03-30 14.18.09

Visit the Facebook event for details



Art Schism – a co operative art movement and pop up shop….

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I must start by apologising for my horrendous lack of posts in recent weeks. I have been up to my eyeballs in projects and organising stuff that i just haven’t had the time to even blink at my wordpress.



Art schism flyer front


Right then, here is something that I’ve been involved with in the last week and that is the launch of a new pop up shop, just in time for December. If you are in Brighton this month then you should definitely come down and check it out.


Showing work from over 20 artists, we have an amazing array of arts and crafts that you wont find many other places this December.

With great bargains on artwork from Snub23, MNKY, Jemma Treweek, Ed Tucker, Sinna One, Petting Zoo, Pinky, 3 Pigeons,Mazcan, Foundry, Suzi Horn, LaFFancy, T[ERROR]ist, Petrusco’s Eye and many more.


You really can’t go wrong with purchases from this shop. And not only that but the majority of artists have submitted a one colour design for a screen print which you can get exclusively in store and see it being printed in front of your very eyes on to tee shirts and paper!!

We are open from the 1st Dec until the 24th. Mon- Sat 10am  – 7pm Sun 11am – 5pm.

For more info and updates go to the Art Schism Facebook.