Sinna One is a Brighton based artist and muralist.

His work focuses on exploring spray paint as primary medium.

This manifests itself in the form of art works depicting animals, robots, portraits, dragons, favourite cartoon characters and is influenced heavily by music, comics, sci – fi and graffiti culture.

He takes his name from a rebellion of a religious upbringing and inevitably breaks one of the ten commandments by creating graven idols on paper, found objects, canvas and walls that he invites others to worship thus making any other God jealous ( he/she is a jealous God! ). He is also a proud, amorous, lazy, angry, jealous and greedy (or is that needy?) artist, thus encapsulating all of the seven deadly sins, simultaneously.

This said, sometimes, he’s not too bad.

In the past few years his work has been seen on walls, in galleries, at festivals and in books.

For information on future events, commissions and spray paint tutorials please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

“Haters hate, Lovers create. Always inspire, never dictate.”

Bot 2 detail

7 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Saw your advent 25th Grafik and Instagrammed it and have started Sinnaone tag. Another Instagrammer in Brighton had mentioned a couple of others they had seen and wondered where they were. Really cool pieces and nice to see 🙂

    1. Great to hear. Thanks for that. The first few are geo tagged on my flickr, but I have been rather busy in the lead up to Christmas, so haven’t uploaded the later ones there. Check http://www.flickr.com/sinna1. No. 4 doesn’t exist anymore, due to a complaint from a disgruntled local and I didn’t do all of the boxes so not all are numbered. The boxes shall remain on the streets of Brighton into the New year, but don’t despair. They shall be replaced with new artwork. Happy festive time.

  2. Hi Sinna, I love your work! It’s quite refreshing! Do you do one on one lessons on stenciling/street art techniques?

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