Paint and Beer 2013 – Villa Friekens, Amsterdam.

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Another awesome year at Paint and Beer and all in all it rocked.

With Sid on the amazing brew tip, Dries on the artist liaision with a loose ‘Street Art versus Graff’ theme ( It always seems like that anyway, with the artists segregated that way!), the whole day was brilliant fun and I met some sound peeps.

Painting massive walls and then later vans too, I ended up in the club at 4am and, to my delight, stumbled across these amazing Techno Gnomes having it on stage.

Thus enabling me to stay up and drink more fine beer and dance away the rest of the night. Brilliant!

I always love the Paint and Beer because it always inspires me to try out things that I wouldn’t normally do and I see an array of amazing styles.

Literally painting from the minute that I got there to the moment that I left, the event always does exactly what it says on the tin. Simple!

Thanks to all Friekens crew especially the one and only Dries and Sid ( and fam). Mega love and respect to the UK connection. Snub fam always in full effect.

Until next year.

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Sinna One Etsy Store up and running

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You can now purchase prints, zines, doodles and other bits and pieces from my Etsy store – Here.      All prices are including postage. More goodies to come soon.

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Hit Blackrock the other weekend with Women 158 and decided to go super big. There is something extremely liberating about unleashing a shed load of paint on to a wall. Considering the size of these pieces I hardly dented my huge sack of spray paint that I took with me. Mulsh fills certainly make sense!!

Props go out to the Women 158 and to Frank and Jo for making it down and getting these awesome shots. Nice one Frank. You can see his work here – 4Foot2

Summer of Sinna is Here…

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It has been very busy in the last few weeks with plenty of walls around Brighton available for the paintage. Quite a few have had the Sinna treatment and this is only the beginning….

Happy Rhyster piece, New England House, Brighton

Poem reads –

“A Breach of the peace was achieved by the beast named Rhys. The Badgers came from far and around. The Rijarf did tut, got herself in a rut, whilst the Fluboozle rejoiced in the sound. There was an almighty cry as the B-Boy Butterfly arrived with his boom box a shaking. Clarky cat grinning wide, to the bass heavy vibe, knew that this was megafun in the making.”

GRAFIK WARFARE Corroded Surfaces Show

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Friday sees the Openingof the new Grafik Warfare show at the Graffik Gallery on Portobello Rd.

As well as exhibiting some new work myself, there shall be new work from other Grafik Warfare contenders. The collective shall be transforming this usually white gallery space in to a hellish urban art warzone for the duration of the show. As well as SNUB 23, MISHFIT, LEEKS, T.WAT and the usual GW crew we also have special guests REQ1, Julian Kimmings, Fauna Graphic, Rocket and INKFETISH to name but a few.

Show opens on the 4th of March and runs until the 20th March.

Full details below.

Grafik Warfare presents
Unique artwork on forgotten surfaces

Private view: Thursday 3rd March
Show opens: Friday 4th March
Show closes: Sunday 20th of March 2011

Graffik Gallery
284a Portobello Road
W10 5TE

Tube – Ladbroke Grove (1min) or Notting Hill Gate (10mins)

Confirmed artists:
Dan K
Martin Squires
Sinna One
The Lover
Luke da duke

Special guests:
Julian Kimmings
Ink Fetish
Carleen de Sozer
Teddy Baden
Fauna Graphic



Sinna One – it’s just begun

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Welcome to the new Sinna One site.I hope that visiting my blog will give you an insight in to my artwork.I shall also be keeping you up to date with projects and events. Off we go!!