CompARTment workspace


I have been working with compARTment for a little while now. They are a not for profit organisation, based in Brighton, that look for empty spaces to use for arts projects and community work.

They currently have a space at the open market in Brighton that I regularly use as a studio space.

This can be rented at lo-cost for studio space, exhibitions, pop up shops, experimenting with materials etc.

Yesterday Women 158 popped along and put up this beauty on the right. Today, I felt that she seemed a little lonely so painted this artist character.

For more info on compARTment got to

To see more of women158’s work follow this link –

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Hit Blackrock the other weekend with Women 158 and decided to go super big. There is something extremely liberating about unleashing a shed load of paint on to a wall. Considering the size of these pieces I hardly dented my huge sack of spray paint that I took with me. Mulsh fills certainly make sense!!

Props go out to the Women 158 and to Frank and Jo for making it down and getting these awesome shots. Nice one Frank. You can see his work here – 4Foot2