Ho, Ho, Holy Guacemole!! Dec 16th – Grafik Advent

Brighton Green Boxes, Fresh St. ART, Grafik Advent Project, Grafik Warfare, Media Box painting, Projects

Another day, another Father Christmas. I know it is similar to the 12th installment, but I wanted to do this one quick and it was on a bigger, more central box in the city.

For quickness it took just under an hour and had lots of cheery and bewildered Christmas shoppers giving me nice comments and wishing me a ‘Happy Christmas’.:) 🙂

Sorry for the poor picture quality, tis a dark and gloomy day.

Grafik Advent Dec 15th

Brighton Green Boxes, Fresh St. ART, Grafik Advent Project, Grafik Warfare, Media Box painting, Projects

So, it’s been a nice sunny day in Brighton today and that has meant that it has been slightly easier to paint boxes.

Today’s installment was in conjuction with Fresh St. Art, the youth project that I run.


I was assisted by Taylor, who masterfully filled in the box as I sketched it out and he learnt some techniques of cutting back and creating the pattern.

Good work all round, taking just over an hour to complete.



Fresh St. ART

I never realised that there were so many big tongued cat munstaz hanging out around Brighton but it seems that I was wrong. This is a fitting companion and tongue comparison for the fluffy beast. Ivy is one of the keepers of ‘Swatantra’ the cat munsta, ensuring that he is well fed and always smiling.

This cat is one of the many images produced on the ‘Fresh St. ART’ Youth Project.

The Green Box Saga

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This year I have been working with youth groups and Brighton council to paint some of the spaces around the city. Along with this I have been given permission to paint a number of the green electricity and communications boxes around the place. Following in the footsteps of Brighton Green Box artist, Cassette Lord, I hope to offer a more colourful and alternative style to the current casette and mixer stencils normally seen around. Here are just a few that have been done already….



Summer of Sinna is Here…

Fresh St. ART, Projects, Walls

It has been very busy in the last few weeks with plenty of walls around Brighton available for the paintage. Quite a few have had the Sinna treatment and this is only the beginning….

Happy Rhyster piece, New England House, Brighton

Poem reads –

“A Breach of the peace was achieved by the beast named Rhys. The Badgers came from far and around. The Rijarf did tut, got herself in a rut, whilst the Fluboozle rejoiced in the sound. There was an almighty cry as the B-Boy Butterfly arrived with his boom box a shaking. Clarky cat grinning wide, to the bass heavy vibe, knew that this was megafun in the making.”