Dec 25th – Happy Christmas Every One!!

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So that’s it. We reach the end of the Grafik Advent project. It’s been fun. It’s been a challenge. there have been great comments and smiles. There have been nasty comments and bad vibes. I’m glad I did it and got others involved. Brighton now has some great art on boxes.

Watch this space for all the pics and more great artwork for the New Year.


Ho, Ho, Holy Guacemole!! Dec 16th – Grafik Advent

Brighton Green Boxes, Fresh St. ART, Grafik Advent Project, Grafik Warfare, Media Box painting, Projects

Another day, another Father Christmas. I know it is similar to the 12th installment, but I wanted to do this one quick and it was on a bigger, more central box in the city.

For quickness it took just under an hour and had lots of cheery and bewildered Christmas shoppers giving me nice comments and wishing me a ‘Happy Christmas’.:) 🙂

Sorry for the poor picture quality, tis a dark and gloomy day.