Sinna’s Grotto 3 – The return of the slack – 3rd December 2022

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Are you hanging up your stockings on the wall? Well don’t. It’s a sure fire way to ladder the fekkaz.

In all seriousness though, YES!! It’s that frikkin time of year again and we all need to get a little festive, spend our hard earned cash on pointless presents for our loved ones and get seriously mullered on some mulled beverages!

It can be gruelling traipsing around the same old sh*thouse shops and buying any old tat, but don’t you worry. Have no fear, good ol’ SINNA CLAWS is here.

Yes indeedy! From the 3rd of December I shall be opening the doors of the Gallery Lock in, on the actual cusp of Brighton AND Hove.

Situated on Little Western Street ( it is the Brighton and Hove border, actually ), opposite the fine establishment that is the Robin Hood pub ( they have amazing drink, pizza and flavoured vodka gifts too ), you shall find art, in original and print form, prizes, spray paint workshops, tees, hoodies and an array of interesting local artists known and undiscovered.

Come and see Sinna Claws and tell him that you’ve probably been a little bad. Knee sitting is optional, but by all means do get your butt down to the Gallery Lock In for some seriously exclusive art works.

As mentioned above Spray Paint workshops are a new addition to the Grotto. BOOK in and come and paint on the walls of the grotto. Or If you know someone who would love to spray paint in future then why not buy them a workshop voucher for next year?

Private view shall be on the Friday 2nd December. RSVP at the bottom of this post to attend. The first 15 peeps shall get a goody bag.

Only complete RSVP for attending Private View on the 2nd Dec

Lost and Found – my solo exhibition at Art Schism, Brighton.

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This weekend sees the opening of my first solo exhibition at the Art Schism gallery in Brighton’s North Laine area. The show is a reflection of the cartoon work that I have created in the past 9 years of being in Brighton.

Lost and Found Sinna Flyer

The show, ‘Lost and Found’, is  so called because during my time in Brighton I have discovered myself, made new friends that have influenced me and my work and have guided me in to being able to do what I love doing the most. Creating.

Aristotl close up

   The show runs from the 7th until the 25th November.

   It has new paintings,  rediscovered images and a selection of prints and postcards.

Bot 1 Rosebot

The show also features a limited run of screen printed tee-shirts available from next week.

There shall be a showcase of the work on, this Friday evening the 14th November from 6pm until 9pm, at the Art Schism Gallery, 87 Gloucester Rd, Brighton, BN1 4AP.

I would like to thank the Darkstar Brewing Co. for their support at this event.

Please RSVP to