The Green Box Saga

Brighton Green Boxes, Fresh St. ART, Media Box painting, Uncategorized

This year I have been working with youth groups and Brighton council to paint some of the spaces around the city. Along with this I have been given permission to paint a number of the green electricity and communications boxes around the place. Following in the footsteps of Brighton Green Box artist, Cassette Lord, I hope to offer a more colourful and alternative style to the current casette and mixer stencils normally seen around. Here are just a few that have been done already….



2 thoughts on “The Green Box Saga

  1. loving the green boxes, i live next to crescent cat ans just saw the brighton badger yesterday. if you dont mind me asking – where are the other ones?

    1. There is a badger outside of the Brighthelm church garden. One outside of the Friends Meeting House and the Cat and Dog are outside of Middle Street School. There is also a monkey on New England Street. Glad you like them. Keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

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