Pongplexed Tables at Boomtown Fayre

Last year I was asked to paint some ping pong tables that were donated to the Pongplexed project by Dunlop.

When I thought about it, I figured that the tables split in half and it was a possibility that the different halves might be used in different combinations.

One of the tables used 3 halves and had a triangle centre piece to make a 3 way ping pong table, so I designed the images to mix and match. These tables were taken to Boomtown last year and have been used in different youth projects. This year Pongplexed were asked back to Boomtown, so I went and painted 2 new tables for them.

Big up to Tim and the Pongplexed crew. Much fun was had by all. More to come for sure, so see ya again next year!