Boomtown Fayre 2014

In August, I was invited back by the Mayfair team for this years Boomtown Fayre.


The wall space that I was given this year overshadowed the billboard size mural that I painted for 2013, so I enlisted the help of fellow Grafik Warfare artist and femme fatale of spray paint Mishfit.20140805_171826

We were painting the outside of a casino and the Mayfair area has a 20’s style with art deco and prohibition era themes so we painted scenes of gangsters playing cards and flapper girls smoking cigarettes.20140805_153210


The pieces were relatively straight forward and took 2 days to complete, mainly due to sharing a scaff tower and spending lots of time moving it back and forth between the 2 walls.





20140809_173422Once we finished ( and had chilled out with a beer or 2! ) we carried on the painting with a quick splash of colour for the Candy Trash Boutique.20140809_172310

20140806_202828After that, the weekend ( starting on Thursday ) was ours and, once again, it was an absolute belter. Super hot, a bit of rain, lots of dancing, a bit of painting for the Pongplexed crew, Arcadia, Tipper, Jacky Murda, Opiou, Ed Solo, Jimmy Cliff, Sister Nancy,Dawn Penn, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, The Mouse Outfit, Itchy and Skratchy DJs, Panacea and so much more. I love this festival and it is always amazing to see it come together in the few days before it opens. The crew are fantastic and they work so damn hard to get it looking amazing, with some people being there for months beforehand. All this and then to be finished by some amazing artists. Pieces from Jim Vision, Hare,Meek and Sepr, MNKY amongst many others.