Grafik Advent – Dec 11th

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Well in to the project now and new additions popping up all over.

As other artists are doing it, not all of them are directly Christmas related.

But it  makes the street look brighter and cheers people up.

Public response has been positive and I have had lots of nice comments by passers by. There have 1 or 2 nasty and disapproving comments, and I am always open to hearing people’s opinions. I find it frustrating that the people who don’t like it, also are rude and will not give me the time of day to discuss the project.

If you like it or don’t agree with it then tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Grafik Advent – Dec 11th

  1. This is UNREAL! How could anyone not like this? Do not give them a second thought. I think it’s amazing, and somewhere out there that might count for something.


    1. Thanks Ohhcanaduh.The majority of peoples comments are great and it inspires me even more as they tell me that it makes them happy. This is my biggest drive. The people who don’t like the project are generally misinformed about the medium and the project. Because I am using spray paint, they immediately class it as illegal graffiti or vandalism. Some of these people may have had property tagged or vandalised in the past and I feel that they can’t see past that, which is understandable. Anyway, thanks again for your comment. Keep an eye on the blog for even more of the boxes and other projects.


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