If you are looking for interesting activities to do this Easter Break then look no further. Bookings can be made here.

I am offering workshops in spray painting techniques at the fantastic GALLERY LOCK IN which is a superb spot for workshops as it is covered and we can paint the walls there, meaning that you don’t just paint a small space on a canvas, but you actually get the opportunity to paint on a larger scale, which is what spray paint is designed for.

You can get a fantasic insight in to how a spray paint can works and how to control it. Learn about caps and different effects that can be acheived with spray paint.

Whether you’re a beginner or an established artist wanting to try a new medium, this workshop can help you develop an understanding of spray paint and the part it plays in all street artforms.

Sessions are £30 per person and are open to all ages from 8 years and up. This means that adults can also get involved.

click to book AM session or click here to book PM session

It’s a great family or group activity. I can also offer team building, Birthday parties, group sessions and even one 2 one sessions. Do get in touch regarding bespoke sessions.You can use the contact form here or visit SinnaOne.shop for vouchers or further info. Please be aware that if you purchase a voucher then you will still need to set a booking date.


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